Founded in 1986, Habeeba’s Dance Studio offers comprehensive classes in Egyptian style. Students of all ages and fitness levels are welcome!

  • Level I introduces the basics of this energetic workout, improving your muscle strength and inner awareness.

  • Level II incorporates head to toe muscle isolations and layered shimmies along with artistic expression.

  • Advance classes utilize props including finger cymbals, veil, cane and improvisation, enhancing your now strong base as a dancer.

Learn Poise and Grace at Your Desire Pace

  • Enjoy physical activity, meet people with similar interests and share a sense of community.

  • Challenge yourself to show off your new skills with a solo at our studio recitals!

  • Whether you wish you to expand your dance technique or enjoy a new physical activity through the ancient art of Egyptian Belly Dance, Habeeba will nurture these desires.

Habeeba’s Dance Studio offers Private Instruction to Students and Professionals.

  • Refine your technique, polish your style, develop an original choreography with Habeeba.

  • Consultation, coaching and choreography are also available at our Toronto Studio.

Dance your way to better health while expressing your femininity through this beautiful art form.




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