Habeeba’s Dance Company was founded in 1986 by Habeeba Hobeika. It provides two main services: authentic Egyptian belly dance (Raks Sharki) and folkloric dance teaching, and professional entertainment. 

Dance School

The dance school offers Egyptian belly dance and folkloric classes at various locations within and near the greater Toronto area. It provides all levels from beginners to advanced and specialization. It also offers online dance classes and workshops. One-on-one classes in choreography and one-on-one online classes in professional coaching are also available. 

Entertainment Services

Entertainment services include professional ensemble and soloist performances. The company is also involved in collaborative volunteer and community services with an underlying goal of educating the public on Egyptian dance.  

Community Services and Partnerships:

The company supports non-profits, and arts and cultural organizations in educating the public in the arts and culture of Egypt by offering authentic Egyptian dance. We are excited to provide performances to festival organizations, and welcome being contacted by organizers – as we reach out to organizers to offer our entertainment services. We are enthusiastic to build partnerships with other professional, nonprofit and nonprofessional individuals and groups in the belly dance (Raks Sharki) and folklore world of music and dance. 


Pre-COVID, 2020, the company performed nationally and internationally, with a dance school that serviced the Greater Toronto Area. Since COVID, our teaching model has changed, and is continuing to develop to meet new opportunities. We can reach a wider community, nationally and internationally by way of online classes. Furthermore, while some teachers relocated during the period of lockdown, we are now able to provide face-to-face classes in new and various locations. 


In 2023 Habeeba Hobeika handed over the company to a longstanding member of her dance ensemble, Tamara Naima. Habeeba continues as an artistic advisor. Tamara is keeping the vision of Habeeba’s Dance Company as developed by Habeeba. She is expanding the dance school to provide both classes and one-on-one instruction in person and online. She is also exploring ways to expand the professional and non-profit services and partnerships.